The Pain of Trying

Trying to Fall PregnantIt is expected that ‘falling' pregnant is like an easy and natural process; you just ‘fall' into it. And although for many that's just it, for others it can be a long, stressful and frustrating journey.

Not succeeding can be extremely difficult and painful. All of a sudden it does not seem as easy as ‘falling' into it, more seems to involve a lot more and we realize some effort is inevitable. Lots of planning, calculations, tests and sometimes extreme measures or treatments may be required, which in turn does not even guarantee you a pregnancy and can end in another disappointment.

It can therefore also be challenging for your relationship, your sexual intimacy and your overall wellbeing and happiness. Please remember that many couples do eventually succeed having the baby they longed for, especially with the advances in infertility. But in the mean time it is important to stay strong and healthy, to keep positive and to not blame one another but to be there for each other instead. 

Where can I go for support?

Sexual Health Australia is a confidential counselling service, specialised in sexual health and relationship issues.

We have experienced sex therapists and relationship counsellors who offer counselling and support to those individuals and their partners who are trying to cope with the pain of trying to fall pregnant.

We offer individual and/or couple's counselling. Face to face counselling is offered in Sydney CBD and phone counselling is offered nationally. 

We recognize that creating a positive and strong attitude is difficult to establish while going through an emotional rollercoaster, but please remember you are not alone and we are here to help and provide support.


If you wish to make an appointment with one of our friendly counsellors or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

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Sex therapy and Relationship Counselling is available in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) -  Melbourne, Victoria (VIC) -  Adalaide, South Australia (SA) -  Perth, Western Australia (WA) - Darwin, Northern Territories (NT) -  Hobart, Tasmania (TAS) - Brisbane, Queensland (QLD) - Canberra, Australian Capital territory (ACT)


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