Treatment of Dyspareunia

Management of Dyspareunia will nearly always include some individual/couples therapy. Most couples benefit from counselling even if the cause of their sexual difficulty was medical and has been reversed.

Medical Examination:

DyspareuniaPlease consult your GP or Gynaecologist for a medical check up. It is important to rule out and treat any medical and physical conditions that may be preventing pain-free intercourse and properly confirm the Dyspareunia condition.

Physical Therapy:

Some women with Dyspareunia may benefit from physical therapy. Physical Therapists treating patients suffering from illness or disease can address the sensory, inflammatory, neurological and musculoskeletal aspects of the disease and their effect on functioning. Physical therapy for Dyspareunia does include musculoskeletal, vulvar and pelvic floor assessments via physical examinations and includes manual therapy of various hands-on techniques to treat musculoskeletal abnormalities, postural and skeletal asymmetries and soft tissue immobility. One common technique used is the application of trigger point massage in the pelvic area and transvaginally.


Sexual Health Australia is a confidential counselling service, specialised in sexual health and relationship issues. We have experienced sex therapists and relationship counsellors who offer counselling and support for women with Dyspareunia and their partners.

We offer individual and/or couple's counselling. Face to face counselling is offered in Sydney CBD and phone counselling is offered nationally. 

Dyspareunia does not get better on its own. It requires some commitment from you, but at Sexual Health Australia we will guide you through the process, will motivate you and most importantly we are there for support every step of the way.

Our counselling sessions for women with Dyspareunia will incorporate assessment, education, goal setting, anxiety reduction techniques, connecting the dots of pain, sex, self and partner, addressing sexual interactions, individual proclivities and relationship dynamics. Additionally an essential part of treatment are the home work exercises and behavioural therapy, which will be explained in the counselling sessions and will be performed in privacy of your home only.

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