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Melanie has worked as a registered Psychologist for over 12 years, in a variety of public and private settings. She has a BA in Psychology and Sociology, PG Dip Psychology and Masters in Coaching Psychology from The University of Sydney as well as a PG in Applied Psychology from Macquarie University. She is currently undertaking a Masters in STIs, HIV and Sexual Health. She has previously worked as a college guidance counselor with children, teenagers and their families and understands the busy lifestyles many families lead in today’s day and age. She particularly loves working with couples and families as she feels having healthy relationships is essential to our overall happiness.

She transitioned from working in schools to working with couples and individuals with a focus on relationships and sex. Melanie has experience working with a variety of issues that couples and families face such as communication breakdown and conflict, infidelity and issues with trust, achieving a satisfying sex life, separation and joining of families and even to explore how to re-ignite the ‘spark’ in a romantic relationship.

She also works as an educator teaching conflict management, developmental psychology and family and relationship counselling. One of her key strengths is her ability to foster a non-judgmental environment to explore challenges for couples and individuals, allowing for the safety and trust necessary for a productive counselling dynamic.

Melanie Says

You can’t ignore the importance of sex in romantic relationships. Some therapists may feel uncomfortable talking about sex or believe that sex will fix itself when the other aspects of the relationship are addressed. Sometimes this is the case but sometimes the sexual issues need to be addressed directly as well.

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their sexual identity and this includes their sexual story, sexual orientation, erotic orientation and gender.

In a society where sex is all around us it can be astounding how little we talk about sex with our partners. Supporting couples and individuals through the journey of discovery is what makes my work worthwhile.





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