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"Cancer and sex. These are two words not typically associated together. Unfortunately, after cancer treatment can negatively impact sexual wellbeing for cancer survivors and their partners. Rekindle can help get your sex life back on track. Rekindle is a web-based resource for ALL cancer survivors and their partners of all genders and sexual orientations. Rekindle teaches proven strategies to enhance sexual wellbeing and answers many of the questions survivors are left with after treatment. Rekindle can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smart phone in the privacy of their home 24/7. To sign up or find out more visit or call 1300 85 44 37."

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We all need to feel the kind of closeness and intimacy that comes from being held, kissed, hugged and loved, since this will improve the quality of our lives. It is important to remember that cancer does not change that, even though you may be changed both inside and out and your needs and desires may be different than they once were.

Please remember that sexuality is NOT just about sex. It is also about who you are, how you feel sexually, how you express and receive intimacy, and about the sexual feelings your have for others.

Yes, cancers and its treatments can have a profound impact on sexuality and intimacy.

When cancer is first diagnosed it is an emotional rollercoaster and you are in survival mode and focused on doing whatever it takes to beat cancer. Sex and intimacy are likely to fall to the bottom of the ‘to do' list. But this does not mean you and your partner do not need intimacy in your relationship. Or when you are single, it is important that family and friends provide you with hugs and supportive touching. Then as you move through the stages of treatment you may find your need for intimacy changes. It is important to recognize and communicate these needs to loved ones and please remember energy will flow from unconditional love and support.

There are several cancers that potentially can have a great impact on sexuality, which are:

  • Face/Mouth
  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Colorectal
  • Gynecological
  • Testicular

Additionally, there are several cancer treatments that can impact sexual functioning and fertility, which are:

  • Surgery - the cancer cells or tumor are physically removed from the body
  • Chemotherapy - cell toxic drugs are used to destroy or inhibit the growth of cells throughout the body
  • Radiation - is used to destroy the cancer cells within a localized area
  • Hormonal Therapy - used where the cancer is sensitive to the hormone balance in your body (ie. breast or prostate)

Please feel free to download the pamphlets we have created in conjunction with the Cancer Council NSW:

Breast Cancer PamphletBreast Cancer Pamphlet

Prostate Cancer PamphletProstate Cancer Pamphlet

Testicular Cancer PamphletTesticular Cancer Pamphlet

Cancer_Partners PamphletCancer_Partners Pamphlet


Cancer & Sexuality



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