Testing & Treatment

Testing for NGU or Cervicitis

The test will consist of a swab from the urethra and/or a urine test. The diagnosis is usually made when symptoms are present, but tests for gonorrhoea and Chlamydia are negative. There are no tests for most of the other organisms which can cause this condition.

Please go to your local doctor or sexual health clinic to get tested.

Consequences or complications of NGU or Cervicitis

In males, NSU/NGU can lead to prostitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), epididymitis (inflammation of the testicles) and infertility.

In females, the infection can spread to the fallopian tubes and cause infertility (please see pelvic inflammatory disease).

Treatment or Management of NGU or Cervicitis

In most cases NGU/Cervicitis can be successfully treated with a single course of antibiotics. Sometimes, a second course may be required.

When receiving treatment, it is important to remember to:

  • Finish the entire course, even though symptoms may have been resolved, the bacteria may not be completely killed off.
  • Not have sexual intercourse for at least 7 days because the infection can still be transmitted. If you cannot abstain from sexual intercourse during this time, a condom must be used.
  • For women who take the oral contraceptive pill, it is important to note that certain antibiotics may stop it from working. Women on the pill should use condoms if sex cannot be avoided during the antibiotic treatment and for seven days of hormone pills afterwards.

Prevention of NGU or Cervicitis

Treatment of NGU and CervicitisUsing condoms and dams when having sex reduces the risk of contracting NSU/NGU or Cervicitis, since they stop body fluids, like semen, blood and vaginal fluids from being exchanged.

A dam is a thin latex square held over the vaginal or anal area during oral sex. Using gladwrap is not a safe alternative to dams, but a condom split along one side and laid flat can be used as a dam. Dams are available from selected chemist. For more information on Dams, please visit http://www.glydehealth.com/dams.html

Emotional Support

Finding out you have an STI, sexually transmitted infection, can be very confusing and distressing. You may find it difficult to cope with emotionally. The concept of you having an STI can also be challenging for your partner and for your overall relationship.  It is extremely important to overcome these emotional effects, since feeling distressed will impact your overall wellbeing, which in turn will impact your overall health. It is important to remain strong and find appropriate support.

Sexual Health Australia offers counselling and support for individuals and/or their partners who are feeling distressed. In the counselling sessions you are encouraged to express your feelings and emotions. Additionally, we will provide further education and information about the condition and we will guide you in taking the appropriate steps to coping with the situation emotionally. You are supported to develop goals and skills to deal with the challenge together and/or individually.  The counsellor is respectful and mindful of the individual and relationship challenges, your norms and your values. Additionally, the sessions are completely confidential.

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We do not offer STI testing or medical advice, for an overall check up and medical treatment please contact either your GP or a Sexual Health Clinic in your area.



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