Sex during Pregnancy

In an uncomplicated pregnancy, sexual intercourse during pregnancy is safe for most mothers and the developing child up until the last few weeks of the pregnancy and many women continue to have satisfying sexual relations during pregnancy.

During women's first pregnancy, sexual interest often decreases, due to physical changes, nausea and fatigue. Sexual interest and pleasure may also decline during the third trimester, because of the increasing size of the foetus putting pressure on many of the internal organs. Additionally some sexual positions may be difficult to attain.

Later on in the pregnancy, the following sexual positions are suggested in order to keep the weight and pressure off the uterus:

  • Side-by-side position
  • Rear-entry position
  • Female- on-top position

Sex during PregnancyOrgasm during an uncomplicated pregnancy is also safe, but occasionally it could be slightly painful.

Oral sex during an uncomplicated pregnancy is also completely safe, however changes in vaginal aromas or discharge may occur, which might make couples uncomfortable.

It is also normal for men to experience fluctuations in sexual interest during pregnancy. Some men may fear injury to the foetus, which can result in a decrease of desire and others may find their partner particularly sexy and attractive, which can enhance sexual desire.

In some cultures, sex during pregnancy is strongly recommended because it is believed that the semen is necessary for proper development of the foetus.



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