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Sexual Health Australia (SHA) recognizes that sexuality is an integral part of every human being and that everyone is entitled to good sexual health.

To define Sexual Health we like to use the World Health Organization's definition, which states:

Sexual health is the experience of the ongoing process of physical, psychological, and socio-cultural well being related to sexuality. Sexual health is evidenced in the free and responsible expressions of sexual capabilities that foster harmonious personal and social wellness, enriching individual and social life. It is not merely the absence of dysfunction, disease and/or infirmity. For Sexual Health to be attained and maintained, it is necessary that the sexual rights of all people be recognized and upheld.

Sexual Health Australia (SHA) was established in order to provide Australians with accurate information about sexual health issues and to offer appropriate support in the form of counselling to deal with psychological causes or emotional consequences of sexual health concerns. Furthermore, Sexual Health Australia recognizes the importance of sexual health education to the community and health professionals.

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Sex therapy and Relationship Counselling is available in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW) -  Melbourne, Victoria (VIC) -  Adalaide, South Australia (SA) -  Perth, Western Australia (WA) - Darwin, Northern Territories (NT) -  Hobart, Tasmania (TAS) - Brisbane, Queensland (QLD) - Canberra, Australian Capital territory (ACT) 


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