Where can I go for Support?

What a Couple Needs to Work through Challenges Together?

To work through these challenges together as a couple, both partners in the relationship need:

  • Desire to stay in the relationship
  • Willingness to work on it
  • Appropriate relationship skills

When either one or both partners have no desire to continue the relationship or have one foot out the door already, there is often no reason for them to bother working on it. Tackling the issue together is then often the last thing on their minds and they are likely to walk away from the challenge and eventually the relationship.

However, there are some occasions where, even though there is a strong desire to stay in the relationship and make it work, willingness to tackle the problem seems hard to find. This is often because it requires some work and effort to solve relationship issues and it is often easier to just avoid it. Keeping the same routine generally gives a couple some level of comfort, they have always done it this way and it seems easier to just continue along the same path and avoid confronting the actual issue. This resilience to work on it seems to be a real struggle for many couples, even when they know it probably won't solve anything in the long run. Counselling can assist you in getting motivated to change.

Additionally, no matter how strong your willingness is, a couple would also require specific relationship skills to overcome these issues. Even the strongest and best relationships sometimes need some guidance as to how to overcome certain difficulties and as to how to use specific relationship skills. A counsellor can assist you in suggesting specific relationship skills you can use and build up the strength and confidence in using these. 

Where can I go for support?

Relationship Difficulties

Sexual Health Australia is a confidential counselling service, specialised in sexual health and relationship issues. We offer counselling and support for individuals or couples dealing with relationship difficulties. 

Both couple's counselling or individual counselling is offered. Face to face counselling is provided in Sydney CBD and phone counselling is provided nationally.

In the counselling sessions couples or individuals are motivated to work on their challenges together and they are assisted in establishing common goals within their relationship. They are supported to develop relationship skills that are transferable outside the sessions so that these can be implemented in day to day life. Additionally, they are encouraged and guided to talk about sensitive and difficult things with each other. The counsellor is respectful of the individual and relationship challenges, norms and values.

Examples of some of the Relationship Skills we would work on:

  • Communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Setting common goals
  • Identifying strengths/weaknesses
  • Handling conflict
  • Anger management
  • Time management
  • Setting priorities
  • Implementing schemas
  • Intimacy skills
  • Learning how to show respect/companionship/love for one and other
  • Learning to understand each others point of view

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our friendly counsellors, please don't hesitate to contact us at: info@sexualhealthaustralia.com.au

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