Definition of Hemotospermia

HemotospermiaHemotospermiais when blood is present in the semen.  Clots of blood may be present or the semen may have a pink colour.

Usually hemotospermia is a benign condition, which resolves over time. The condition is common and can occur in males of all ages.

In order to rule out any medical causes or infections it is important you consult your doctor when you are experiencing hemotospermia.

Contributing factors of Hemotospermia

Possible causes of Hemotispermia are:

  • Burst blood vessel in prostate
  • Burt blood vessel in seminal vesicle area
  • Infections
  • Other medical causes

Treatment of Hemotospermia

The condition is often self-limited and resolved within 1-2 months. However, it is important that medical causes and infections are checked out by a medical practitioner. Please contact your doctor for a medical examination and assessment.


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