Testing & Treatment

Testing of Pubic Lice/Crabs

Diagnosis is usually made by observation. The doctor will look for nits or eggs in the pubic hair. Please contact your local doctor or sexual health clinic for proper diagnosis if you are unsure.

Treatment of Pubic Lice/Crabs

Pubic lice/craps are treated with lotions, which are available over the counter at most pharmacies.

Please make sure to wash all towels, sheets and washing cloths in hot water.

All sexual partners and people who have shared towels, sheets or washing cloths with the infected person should also be treated, even when they display no physical signs.

Prevention of Pubic Lice/Crabs

Treatment of Pubic LiceUnfortunately condoms and dams do not protect against pubic lice/crabs.

Additionally, shaving pubic hair is also not always affective since pubic lice can live in other areas of body hair.

Emotional Support

Finding out you have an STI, sexually transmitted infection, can be very confusing and distressing. You may find it difficult to cope with emotionally. The concept of you having an STI can also be challenging for your partner and for your overall relationship.  It is extremely important to overcome these emotional effects, since feeling distressed will impact your overall wellbeing, which in turn will impact your overall health. It is important to remain strong and find appropriate support.

Sexual Health Australia offers counselling and support for individuals and/or their partners who are feeling distressed. In the counselling sessions you are encouraged to express your feelings and emotions. Additionally, we will provide further education and information about the condition and we will guide you in taking the appropriate steps to coping with the situation emotionally. You are supported to develop goals and skills to deal with the challenge together and/or individually.  The counsellor is respectful and mindful of the individual and relationship challenges, your norms and your values. Additionally, the sessions are completely confidential.

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We do NOT offer STI testing or medical advice, for an overall check up and medical treatment please contact either your GP or a Sexual Health Clinic in your area.



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